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Kosamattam Plantation located 3861 Feet above sea level and is ideally located on border belt of the Western Ghats in Idukki district of Kerala. Just 10 Km from Kattapana town and around 23 Km from Kumaly town, this estate is in the location of the cardamom belt of Idukki district. Cardamom the ‘Queen of all Spices’, is widely cultivated here. Besides cardamom, Pepper, coffee is also grown in plenty. The estate consists of fertile land growing the best variety of cardamom. ‘Njalany’ cardamom constitutes the major variety of cardamom grown in this estate.

Cardamom is the Costliest among its peers. India is the second largest producer of cardamom next to Guatemala. However, Indian cardamom is considered the best in terms of quality. Cardamom is not a perennial crop and the lifecycle of the plant is 12 to 15 years.

Produce Highlights

  • Excellent Mass per liter, color and appearance
  • Liter weight is equivalent or more than 400 gm
  • Dark Greenish in color
  • No produce lower than 350 gm
  • Trained scientists and staff supervision

Plantation Keys

  • Perfect Climate
  • Organic methods of cultivation
  • Right ratio of Shade & Sunlight for the crops
  • Option to sell produce at auction or to traders
  • Well Irrigated

Cardamom pods are harvested close to five times in a year and are dried in special hot rooms or chambers with controlled temperature. The annual production tonnage from the plantation is ever increasing due to the scientific methods of cultivation adopted.

Besides cash crops, Oranges, Pineapples and other fruits are also grown here.

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