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Kosamattam Finance

Kosamattam finance has always upheld Social responsibility as a policy and is one of the early pioneers in this approach. We are guided by the approach that wealth created must be continuously returned to society. The responsibility of combining the three elements of society, environment and economic is of utmost importance to the way of life at Kosamattam finance. It is the combination of these three elements that ensures that business is sustainable for all. From the earliest days, Kosamattam finance has taken responsibility for the impact of its activities and led the way in employee welfare measures, social and community initiatives, and environment sustainability. Kosamattam finance is contributing extensively towards a wide range of social-cultural, educational, sports, health and emergency assistance programmes to ensure sustainable development. Corporate Social Responsibility lies at the heart of Kosamattam finance’s business. The company proactively addresses the issues of climate change, energy security, safe drinking water, biodiversity, poverty and inequality through the services it provides and to the way it manages its operations.

Participating actively in community initiatives in areas such as health check-up camps, education support, rural sport promotion and disaster relief.

Respecting and safeguarding the environment as a fundamental principle.

Improve the quality of life of the community through corporate philanthropy and volunteering.

Promoting equality of opportunity, continuing personal development, fairness, mutual trust and teamwork.

Uphold the ethical behaviour in the way we conduct our business and operate in a way that respects the rights of all our customers and create an overall benefit for society.

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