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Best Money Transfer Service in India Send your hard earned money within seconds to your bank account on any day without standing in queues. Kosamattam Finance provides the facility to transfer funds via IMPS within seconds Kosamattam Finance's Money transfer service enables families and friends to securely and seamlessly receive money in the ways that are convenient for them in any of our vast network of branches.

Our Customers use our services to receive money send by their loved ones from any part of the world , to provide support, recognize a special occasion and enable entrepreneurship or education. Visit any of our 900 + branches near you with your Government issued identity card and the money transfer number sent by the sender and receive money instantly or have it credited to your bank account for amounts greater than Rupees 50000. Kosamattam finance associates with six of the major money transfer companies in the world. So our customers have a number of transfer companies to choose from. Along with our trained and experienced branch executives.


  • Fast, Easy and Safe Money Transfer.
  • Minimal formalities.
  • Receive money within 10 minutes
  • No bank account required for amounts up to Rs 50,000.
  • No service charges levied.
  • RBI Certified.
  • A vast network of branches across the country
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