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Kosamattam Finance’s Forex services are the ultimate destination to buy and sell more than 15 different currencies under a single roof. Today, we deal in all prominent currencies catering to all segments of international travellers including leisure travellers; student’s perusing or looking to peruse education overseas, patients travelling overseas for medical treatment and emigrants. Kosamattam finance is committed to providing superior services to customers; our drive for innovative technology development is unparalleled in the industry.

Best Forex Brokers in India

Key Takeaways

  • Buying and selling of foreign currencies in any of our Authorised branches
  • Competitive exchange rates
  • Quick and prompt service
  • Transacting in all prominent currencies

Reliable Service

The rapid growth of the Indian economy along with globalisation has resulted in numerous Indians going abroad for work, travel & leisure, medical treatment, Business and studies. Simultaneously there is also a huge inflow of tourist visiting India on vacation, business and for medical treatment like Ayurveda, Homeopathy, allopathy etc. All this demand has resulted in the need for reliable and quality Service provider for Purchase and sale of Foreign Exchange.

Efficient Service in Rural areas

Many of the tourist locations are located in unbanked rural areas. At many places there is no bank or other facilities to avail foreign exchange. In these locations, many of the foreign exchanges are done by un-authorised money changers. Foreign touristy usually do not prefer such money changers. The strategically located branches of Kosamattam finance stands out as a haven for these foreign tourist who are assured that they are getting the best exchange rates.

Vast Network

Kosamattam Finance assures you that you are never too far from any of our branch. This assurance is what helped us in attaining our Forex customer base. We have a very high number of loyal Forex Customers highlighting the fact that we are highly customer oriented with regard to Forex services in our vast network of branches.

RBI Approved

Kosamattam finance is a RBI approved Full-fledged Money Changer. We bring you hassle-free currency exchange services that are provided at competitive rates. Exchange your foreign currency in our authorised branches without any hassles in seconds.

All Prominent Currencies

Kosamattam Finance deals in all prominent Currencies in all our authorised branches. You are assured of the best exchange rates when you transact with us. Leave the exchange matter to us and focus on your needs be it travel for business or pleasure.

Focus on your needs

Kosamattam finance focuses on all your Forex needs. Travel can be stressful and you may be occupied with a number of things and foreign exchange should not be one of them. Thankfully there is always a reliable companion not far by to realize your forex needs.

We Realize Your Forex Needs

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