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Everything you need to know about gold loan

May 11 2022

Money is a vital factor for our daily needs

Money is a vital factor for our daily needs. Being a valuable asset, gold ornaments come in handy whenever we are in need of faster means of getting money. When it comes to a financial crisis, availing of a gold loan from trustworthy financial organizations is a reliable solution. Gold loans are given by lenders once we keep our ornaments as collateral for a particular period. Once the tenure is completed after repayments, our gold is returned safely back to us. Whether it be a new venture, an urgent medical expense, building homes, or any financial issues, a gold loan service can be an instant help. 

Before availing of a gold loan, there are some important factors we need to be aware of. Some of them are as follows: 

How can we avail a gold loan? 

For availing of a gold loan, it is necessary to take our gold to the lender, check for purity, get the amount based on the current market value of gold, and proceed with tenure, and repayment options. With Kosamattam, applying for a gold loan at home has become much easier and loan details are always updated through the FINKO app

Gold loan interest rate 

Gold loan interest rate is much lesser when compared to other personal loans. Interest rates in gold loans vary among different gold loan providers and gold loan finance companies in India. Gold loan companies in Kerala like Kosamattam provide an affordable interest rate for loan against gold ornaments. Kosamattam helps you to get gold loans easily with the lowest interest rates and flexible repayment options. 

Documents needed to apply for a gold loan 

Important documents required to apply for a gold loan include a recent passport photograph, address proofs, identity proofs, and a PAN card. With all the above details, you can visit the nearest Kosamattam branch to get gold loans faster than you can imagine. 

Stay current with the current market value of gold 

Gold loans can fluctuate according to the current market value of gold. With the gold loan calculator from Kosamattam, you can know the market value of gold accurately. This can give us an assurance on the amount that we can get once the gold is pledged to the lender. 

Never miss on the repayments of gold loan at home 

Repaying loans is crucial once the loan tenure is initiated. Missing on payments can even lead to situations where the lenders can auction our gold and recover the remaining amount. With the FINKO app from Kosamattam, repayments can be done easily through smartphones. 

The bottom line 

A gold loan is an instant solution when we are in the middle of any financial crisis. Having trustworthy gold loan providers to safeguard your gold and provide you with flexible repayment options along with the least interest rates is very helpful in times of need. Kosmattam is a reliable gold loan provider in India that helps you with an instant gold loan at home and with FINKO, all your loan details can be known through smartphones from anywhere. 

If you are looking for an instant financial solution to meet your financial needs, avail instant gold loan from Kosamattam today. Also, try the new FINKO app to know how your repayments can be done smoothly from home. 

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