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What is Freedom online Gold loan ?

Freedom online Gold loans (FOGL) are 100% online gold loans which are designed with those customers in mind who require instant loans from the comfort of their home and do not wish to visit any branch for getting the loan amount or for making closure or interest Payment.

Do I have the option to choose a scheme?

No, you cannot specifically choose a scheme. The scheme is dependent on the loan amount and will be automatically selected as per your requirement.

Will the advance amount differ when making an enhancement ?

Yes, as you make an enhancement, your loan amount will increase by the amount of enhancement made. Enhancement amount will also be dependent on the Loan to value ratio at the time of enhancement of loan.

What do I need to apply for loan online ?

A formal request needs to be done from our web-site showing your intend for applying for FOGL. Go to any of our branch and get your gold ornaments appraised and pledged. Meet the KYC requirements. That’s it. You are all set to go.

What are the charges applicable for FOGL ? Charges for Freedom Online Gold loan

Applicable charges are available separately in our FOGL section under charges for FOGL

How do I make payments on my FOGL ?

You can make the payments via our payment gateway. The amount will be credited instantly to your account.

How long will it take to get my loan amount credited to my bank account ?

Usually, the amount will be credited instantly to your account but there are factors which are beyond our control.

How much Can I borrow with an online Loan ?

The amount you can borrow depends on Loan to value ration that is being implemented by the company on the date of advance.

Do I need to visit the branch to pledge my gold ornaments?

Yes, This is a onetime process only.

How long will it take for the advnace amount to reach my bank account in case of enhancement ?

Because you are completing your loan request online, it will typically depend on the time it takes for kosamattam Finance to transfer the amount to your bank account via NEFT or RTGS. On working hours on all working days it will range from 30 min to 6 hours only. We also transfer the amount via IMPS, which is usually immediate. But external factors beyond our control also exists.

Can I make interest payment or any other payment relating to my online gold loan in any of your branhces ?

Yes, You have the freedom to make any payment in anyway you like be it online or directly in our branch counters.

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