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Kosamattam Finance

Kosamattam Finance’s executive officers manage the company’s drivers of success: a strategic mix of high-quality businesses, appropriate risk management, effective capital deployment and profitable long term growth. Its board of directors is dedicated to independent and effective corporate governance, while also positioning Kosamattam Finance as a leader in corporate responsibility, accountability and transparency. Integral to enhancing customer value, the Executive Officers and Board of Directors work together to promote robust talent management and support Kosamattam finance’s culture of collaboration, diversity and inclusion.

Kavil Viswambharan Raveendravilasam , Independent Director (DIN:07603053) died on September 17,2021.

Ms. Jilu Saju Varghese , Non Executive-Director (DIN: 03621643) resigned w.e.f. June 30, 2023.

Mr. C. Thomas John , Independent Director (DIN: 02541626 ) resigned w.e.f. May 21, 2024.

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