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Kosamattam Finance
Kosamattam Finance

Mathew K Cherian

Chairman & MD

Our Purpose is clear. We are here to make the financial lives of those who do business with us better. Better by listening to our customers and clients and connecting them to the financial solutions they need. And, better by connecting across our company to deliver those solutions.

Over the past 30 years, we have strengthened our foundation and now we have record level customer base and ever increasing reach especially in rural India. We’ve narrowed our focus to concentrate on the business and services that matter most to our different type of customer – Common man, SME loans, Business loans, agricultural loans, Home loans..etc.

With the capabilities we have in place, we can do more than any other gold loan company to help our customers and clients realize their financial goals. For the common man, we deliver products and services in a targeted way that takes into account each customer’s relationship and preferences – Whether you are a first time gold loan customer walking to our branch or small business owner or a new home buyer. For mortgage needs, we support the financing needs of commercial and residential properties across India. For large business clients, we also use our research expertise to provide the best financial solution for our clients. And through our philanthropy and volunteerism, Kosamattam finance is donating time, energy, and our resources to support the many of our rural areas where we operate.

These are just a few examples of how our common values and operating principles are guiding employees to deliver on our purpose every day.

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